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Top Questions for Your Pharmacists


Are you planning to visit your pharmacist at your nearest community pharmacy? Whether you need to understand your transfer prescription or get information about your medication, ask the right questions! Below is a guide you can use

  • What is this medication?

    Medications are identified as either branded or generic. And this is the number one question you should ask your pharmacist at a retail pharmacy in Texas. Be sure to inquire all the necessary information to ensure no mix-ups in the medications prescribed to you.

  • What does it do to my body?

    Different medications function differently inside our bodies. Your pharmacists your medications and will give you comprehensive information about why you’re prescribed a certain medicine. If you have concerns about medication from a compounding pharmacy in Texas, your pharmacists will also be happy to assist you!

  • Are there any potential side effects?

    Medicines have intended effects and side effects, and your pharmacists will let you know what to avoid to prevent serious side effects. Don’t forget to ask how long you should take the medication to ensure adherence. Your pharmacists will give you instructions and prepare counted-out doses to make it convenient for you or your loved ones.

As a pharmacy in Edinburg, Texas, RGVMEDS PHARMACY is here to provide a vast list of services, all of which are planned to fit you and your loved one’s unique needs. Are you looking for vitamins, a generic plan, special packaging, medical supplies, immunizations, pharmacist consultations, and compounding? We have all your needs covered! Our pharmacist will help review your medication prescriptions and help determine the best plan for your health. Call us today.

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