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Risks Associated with Using Expired Medicines


Continuing to use medicines past their expiry date is associated with several risks. A community pharmacy strongly warns those who have plans to continue to use expired drugs about the hazards that come with it.

The main risk that RGVMEDS PHARMACY wants to warn you about is the medicine’s loss of potency. The drug may not work well once it’s past the expiry date as opposed to consuming it before the said date. The stakes are even higher, especially for medications used to treat severe conditions. Examples are nitroglycerin for angina and heart attacks, insulin for hyperglycemia, epinephrine for allergic reactions, and antibiotics.

Expired medicines undergo a change in chemical composition, which explains the reduced effectiveness of the drug. A compounding Pharmacy in Texas notes that it is primarily due to the breakdown of active ingredients in the medicine. Less potent drugs are harmful, particularly those that treat infections. In the case of antibiotics, it can lead to antibiotic resistance because of untreated or partially treated bacterial infections.

In connection with changes in the chemical composition of the drug, toxic decomposition products may be formed as a result. One can only imagine the health hazards it can cause when those harmful byproducts are ingested. Another thing to note from a retail pharmacy in Texas is that expired drugs can lead to inaccurate dosing because the concentration of active ingredients is altered once the chemical composition breaks down.

Although some medications still work fine a month past the expiration date, it’s best to consult a pharmacy in Edinburg, Texas, or any healthcare provider if you have any concerns regarding the safety of a particular drug. Our pharmacist consultation services are open to cater to such cases.


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